About Just "B" Veterinary Supplies

Brigitte Black, Proprietor of Just 'B' Veterinary Supplies

My name is Brigitte Black, I am the proprietor of Just "B" Veterinary Supplies and we have been involved in the Veterinary Industry for 15 years. I personally trained as a theatre nurse and also dressmaking, so with these qualifications I have a greater understanding for the use of quality fabrics and best practice to manufacture our products to withstand the severe treatment and cleaning of the garments. We also offer a money back guarantee.

We began supplying veterinary nursing students with tops and over the past years have expanded our vet supplies range to include drapes, hand towels, theatre gowns, scrub tops, scrub pants , body bags, drill covers and pin rolls. We will make any custom size theatre drapes you require with fenestration sizes also as required.

Our unique body bags are made from black polypropolene with gold ribbon bows, are very well received by Vets and their clients and help with the grieving process.

Orders are usually filled within a 2-3 week timeframe.

We are a Western Australian owned company and our prices are extremely competitive. With your support we will be able to give the professional service that the veterinary industry requires.