Fenestrated Theatre Drapes

Fenestrated Theatre Drapes
Fenestrated theatre drapes Fenestrated theatre drapes Fenestrated theatre drapes

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Like our plain theatre drapes, these fenestrated theatre drapes are made from hospital grade 50/50 polyester cotton in single and double thicknesses with a 10cm facing added to absorb fluid.

Available in two shapes (rectangular and elliptical) and in a range of sizes as shown below. If you require a size not listed, please contact us to arrange a custom sizing.

Elliptical (60cm x 60cm)
   - 3.5cm x 6cm hole
$21.45 $32.23
Small (60cm x 60cm)
   - 4cm x 7cm hole
$19.80 $30.36
Medium (70cm x 70cm)
   - 4cm x 8cm hole
$22.55 $33.77
Large (100cm x 80cm)
   - 4cm x 10cm hole
$25.41 $38.06
X-Large (120cm x 88cm)
   - 4cm x 12cm hole
$31.13 $46.75
XX-Large (120cm x 120cm)
   - 5cm x 25cm hole
$39.27 $58.85