You've heard what we think about our products and service, now hear what our customers think.

"Ballajura veterinary hospital has been supplied with all its drape requirements, and scrub suits for the past three years from Just "B" Veterinary Supplies.

"Brigitte provides us with a professional service, top quality goods and a very quick turn-a-round which is essential for a busy practice.

"Over the past three years, we have upgraded all our drapes and chose Brigitte to supply as we wanted to customise the sizes of the drapes, the sizes of fenetrations and sometimes the thickness of the actual drape.

"Brigitte measures quotes and supplies on time. We are a busy practice and have two autoclaves sterilizing throughout the day; the drapes we had made three years ago are still in very good order with seams and stitching still intact. The material Brigitte uses stands the wear of time; we have found using Just "B" to be a very economical proposition; we do not even bother to request quotes nowadays as we know we will get what we want; we consider it to be false economy to look elsewhere for our drape or scrub requirements.

"We have had over 40 scrub suits made (customised with pen pockets, large pockets and also belt fobs for keys) to fit a good assortment of body shapes and weights. Brigitte provides a very accurate sizing service but does not mind doing necessary alteraltions.

"Ballajura has invested much time in sourcing equipment and a fair amount of money in buying it over the past three years. Brigitte is always called in to measure, design and make covers for items like air drills, microscopes, dental table and even "sock covers" for cables and cords that are necessary for certain surgical equipment in order for us to maintain a sterile field when using them.

"This hospital is particular which businesses it does business with; we would not look further a field than Just "B" Veterinary Supplies."

Susan Barr
Ballajura Veterinary Hospital

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